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I’m your typical creative type…

I love coffee, riding bikes, and making things with my hands. I believe in the magic that happens when a fresh pencil hits the page, and getting ink under my fingernails.

I believe in talking to people and even more in listening to them. Every person has the ability to change the world with the story they tell. A brand is nothing more than a strategically and artfully articulated story aimed at the world.

If you’re ready to stand up and tell your story, I’m ready to help you.


Understand goals, clarify concept, articulate message.


Your message is unique and as such there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Establishing a powerful and lasting relationship with your customers or audience starts with truly understanding and clearly stating your message and defining why you want to share it, and who you want to share it with. We work together to clarify goals, and articulate the message.


Once we have clearly identified our mission the question becomes how do we accomplish it. In the strategy phase I deeply research the audience we defined in the first phase and how best to gain their trust.  From there we create an implementation plan so we know all of the pieces that are required to do communicate effectively.


Now the fun part. I roll up my sleeves, sharpen my pencil and to the good stuff. In this phase we create all the material we decided that we needed in the brainstorming phases. Its up to me to sketch, design, present and revise until we have exactly the right tools to communicate the message to our audience.


All of our hard work, planning and creation pays off. We launch what we’ve been working on and finally start sharing your message with the world.


Logo Design

Almost as straight forward as it sounds. We meet, I understand all the things that makes your brand tick and distill that into a simple, memorable mark.  The logo becomes the backbone of your brand, and I can’t wait to help you create yours.

Branding Package

We start with the logo design package, and then we dive deeper into the core of what makes your brand unique. We’ll construct a compelling story and build a strong visual identity around your brand including logo, custom crafted brand story, typography and color palette selection and a brand guide to show how it all goes together.



It’s time to take your carefully crafted brand experience to the web. It doesn’t have to be fancy it just has to communicate your message and faithfully translate the look and feel of the brand. I believe that code is best left to the coders, so after we settle on the design, I pass it off to the experts at Sublime Media to do what they do best.


Odds N’ Ends

The endless array of brand collateral

Now that you have your logo, story and visual branding package, let’s explore all the ways to put it to work for you. From business cards to vehicle wraps, I’ve got your covered. Lets make something cool.