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Evoxe Labs

Branding,Campaign Strategy, Digital Design, and Implementation


Evoxe Labs is a company that believes cannabis can be part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. They infuse their cannabis oil with natural ingredients to enhance flavor and mood. As such they needed a brand that represented their discrete, and natural, and scientific approach to cannabis. They knew there was an emerging market, especially with women that could be tapped into if they could just shed the stony stereotype that had dominated the predominantly masculine industry. This is what their brand looked like when they came to my partner at Blank Space Media.


I knew we needed to downplay the marijuana aspect of the product and show it in a new light. The concept was to take advantage of the natural beauty of the botanicals used in the product and update the image with a bright, fresh, healthy glow.

In partnership with BlankSpace, and photographer Evan Mann in New York, we began to overhaul their brand a little bit at a time. Our first assignment was to create 4 posters, one for each product, to display in their many retail accounts. I took Evan’s photography of the ingredients and cut copied, cloned and stamped them into these artistic collages. 


We released the new look on Instagram, taking a then fairly novel approach, introducing the new look for each product in a 3x3 grid.

I’m not going to pretend I invented breaking the form of Instagram in this way, I had seen it done several times by artists and designers alike. It was it was fairly new at the time, and definitely miles away from the majority of the junk mail we were seeing in the industry at the time. More importantly than shaking things up, there was a reason we did it. The resulting images were close-ups of the ingredients which aligned with our goal, helping our followers to focus on the close-up natural detail of the infused ingredients.

Additionally, we paired each image with a few lines of verse. When all the posts were taken together these lines formed a poetic narrative describing the “mood” that came with each combination of strain and infusion, sometimes highlighting one ingredient at a time. Our thought was this approach made the artwork relevant and engaging in both grid and single post view.


After designing various trade show graphics and digital ads, the website had started to fall behind the new direction. Finally, we were allowed to overhaul the site.

The core pages of the site of course were the homepage which had to represent all products, and the individual pages which had to correspond to the systems we had created in store. Icons, and colors were used to differentiate the products and of course, we made sure the design was mobile responsive.