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Native Eyewear

I’ve been working with the marketing department at Native Eyewear in Denver on neumerous projects ranging from event posters, to merchandise. Most recently we redesigned their retail lens decal.


Various Posters

This comprises the bulk of the work we have done together. All of these posters were done on a tight turnaround with lots of praise from the Native, and their sponsors.

Lens Decals

Native wanted a new way to display the lens type on the sunglasses on the retail shelf. Before they had separate stickers, one on each eye. One was their old logo and another told what sort of lens was being used. Together, they put Native on the fast track to a convenience store sunglass rack. We worked together to change that.

GoPro Mountain Games – Wayfinding signage

Native Eyewear was the main sponsor of this year’s Go Pro Mountain Games. I worked with their marketing team to create some sales posters, as well as a wayfinding system for the “Endurance Zone”, a place where athletes could recharge and refuel, play games and rehydrate with water or… beer.